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Welcome to Frontier Stone Company! Frontier Stone is a family owned gravel business with years of experience with decorative and construction products. We are the largest supplier of decorative rock, moss rock and flagstone, in Western South Dakota. Frontier Stone Company is located just west of Rapid City, in Black Hawk.

Decorative rock is a maintenance free solution for your landscaping needs. With one application you have installed a lasting accent color. The rock can be used as a border around buildings, trees or shrubs. Decorative rock is pet friendly and when properly installed, is plant resistant. Unlike wood products, it can be used on hillscapes or drainage areas and remains in place against wind and rain. Decorative rock will not decay; it's fire resistant and quickly increases the value of your home. We have many different types of rock to choose from, depending on your needs. Crushed stone, river rock and volcanic rock are available in a wide variety of colors. Rock is a highly popular landscape material and is used for such diverse purposes as mulch, ground cover, driveways and fillers around pools and patios. Used as mulch, stone helps retain soil moisture, blocks weed growth and will enhance drainage. Stone can also be used in gardens to create walkways or as a driveway material.

Patios and walkways are easly created, using our Colorado flagstone. Our red flagstone comes in a variety of sizes. You can pick and choose individual pieces or purchase an entire pallet.

At Frontier Stone we carry a large selection of River Rock, Buckskin and Moss Rock boulders. They will provide an attractive landscape or water feature. Their individual size range from several pounds to several tons. You're sure to find a size that can fit into your project and at a suprisingly low cost.

Our professional line of landscape fabric come in 3' x 50', 4' x 50',
6' x 100', and 6' x 300' roll sizes. Landscape fabric helps to prevent
the intrusion of weeds and other unwanted plants. Our fabric allows for water to pass through.

For your garden, we have a line of fill dirt, screened top soil, mulch and compost. For your lawn, purchase a 8' x 150' Excelsior brand straw blanket and it will help you produce lush grass, even in the most difficult soil conditions.

We can supply your construction materials. Sand, asphalt millings, driveway gravel and two sizes of clean gravel are stocked in our yard Bring your trailer or pickup. We load customers with our skid steer.

Materials sold by Frontier Stone Company are products of nature and are subject to variations in color, texture, and fines content. Prices are subject to change without notice.

At Frontier Stone Company we want to succeed through our sterling reputation, helpful attitude and genuine gratitude for your patronage. Whether you need a truckload, a yard, 1/2 yard or just a 5-gallon bucket full, we will offer expert advice on project specifications, product characteristics and availability. You can depend on us responding quickly and accurately to customer inquiries and requirements. We have built a solid reputation for the last 15+ years because of one basic principle: HONESTY. Thanks for taking the time to look at our website. Feel free to call and discuss any question you have. We look forward to being able to serve you soon!

Thank you for your business!